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Thank you to Kickstarter backers for making the Handi Pac campaign a success! The Handi Pac will be available to order SOON! 

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I am very passionate about inclusion, and preserving independence for individuals in wheelchairs. Spending the majority of my day in a wheelchair, I consider it to be an extension of me. 

At Advanced Freedom, we strive to make life easier for people with disabilities.  I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis myself, and I know the challenges those with physical disabilities face.  I started this endeavor with the hope to make my life easier and become more independent. I wanted to share this with those who share the same struggle and have that same want as I do.  


Louise Sertsis

Founder, Advanced Freedom




The Handi Pac by Advanced Freedom 

I had an inspiration to change the way wheelchair bags are designed, to make them more functional, and let the user have the ability to be more independent. I love to travel, and I realized that I was very dependent on my husband to carry and transport all the luggage. This is when I created the HANDI PAC, it's smart design, and accessible features bring necessary changes to existing wheelchair bags. I now have the capacity to carry things securely in front of me rather than loosely on my lap or behind me. This bag has also allowed me the freedom of going shopping for food/clothes, and daily errands. This bag would essentially benefit anyone who uses a wheelchair, and want more independence and freedom.  The Handi Pac is Patent Pending.






Benefits & Features

  • Similar to a backpack for the able-bodied individual, but made especially for the seated person.  
  • The only bag that fastens directly onto the person, alleviating the need to retrieve items at the side or the back of the individual. Disabled people often do not have the capacity or the strength to turn around, let alone the ability to raise their arms while performing a specific task. 
  • Runs the length of your lower leg, with magnetic closures that fastens the bag around your calf area.  
  • All zippers/buckles on traditional bags are replaced by magnets.  
  • Its the largest wheelchair bag on the market; accommodates an array of items when shopping, going to school, or traveling the globe.  
  • Top portion of the bag is attached by magnets to the lower portion of the bag. This part of the bag allows for easy access to smaller items such as cell phones, sunglasses, purse, wallet, sunscreen, magazines, calculator, notebooks, tablets, and more. 
  • Lap portion of the bag has a quick release seatbelt that fastens to the mid-thigh area and allows for easy removal, and is adjustable to the user. 
  • Water resistant to withstand changing weather conditions.   

The HANDI PAC’s patent pending design and accessible features bring necessary changes to existing wheelchair bags. Wheelchair users now have the capacity to carry things securely in front of themselves rather than loosely on your lap or behind the wheelchair. It provides individuals in wheelchairs the freedom to go shopping for food/clothes, carry books and laptops/tablets for school or work, and run daily errands. This bag will benefit anyone who uses a wheelchair, and desire more independence and freedom.

Scroll down for more photos of the bag.  

The Handi Pac

 The Handi Pac is the ONLY wheelchair bag on the market that is front-facing, providing users with safe and secure access to ALL of their belongings.  Check out the video below. 


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